The Tapestry of Life




I was told recently that this is a “graduation year” for me. Hallelujah!


It’s also a (1) year which brings with it the energy of new beginnings.


But new beginnings are always preceded by some form of closure or ending, and I know so many of us are experiencing change in one form or another.


In fact, we’re always navigating change.


Change is woven in to the very fabric of our life.


For some, like my youngest brother and his wife, their expectant baby will bring about radical change as first time parents. While others will watch their grown children leave the nest to begin a new and exciting chapter in their own life.


Others still, are gracefully navigating life-threatening health challenges and learning to step into new healthier ways of being, while others have had to bid a final farewell to a loved one.


Some are feeling called to let go of outgrown relationships, while others are embarking on a new union.


And there are others still who are facing unemployment and the loss of an income, while some are stepping into a much deserved promotion.


Life is made up of ever contrasting experiences.


So how can we embrace change and stay open to the fullness of life’s ever changing seasons?


How we choose to hold these times of transition will determine our experience.


We can choose to see the beauty in all situations.  Or we can focus on the sting of loss.


We can choose to seize the opportunity for growth.  Or we can become paralyzed in the fear.


We can choose to empower ourselves with a deeper understanding and greater awareness of life’s rich tapestry. Or we can feel victimized through our ego’s lens.


We are the author of our own story.


Make it good.


Make it inspirational!



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