Full Day Immersive

Immerse Yourself in the Beauty of Nature and the Wisdom of the Horse 

Imagine being bathed in the tranquility of Mother Nature as you connect more deeply with your own.

Nestled amongst old growth cedars that seem to impart an ancient wisdom and an invitation to sit awhile in quiet reflection.


Breathe in stillness ...


Exhale stress ...


Feel yourself surrounded and supported by the natural world as you join our herd of horses in their natural setting, feeling your body and mind begin to slow and find its natural rhythm.  We call this space “horse time”.  Where the pressures and demands of linear time fade and your awareness deepens into the present moment as you begin to see deeper aspects of yourself in the eyes of a horse.


Here you will unearth your deepest truth.


Here you will find yourself.


Here you will commune with your soul.



I had an experience with Cricket that I will take away with me for life

“When I drove onto the property, it was like time and sound stood still, it was similar to driving onto a movie set, and I didn't know a place like this could exist so close to home. From the gorgeous gated property surrounded by trees and greenery, to the stables and the main house, it was all quite dream-like and immensely beautiful.

I found Krista and her gang at the barn and within the first couple minutes of meeting them all I realized that there was something very special about this place and about these horses as well. I had an experience with Cricket that I will take away with me for life. It was like these horses could tell how we were feeling and they responded to it in unique ways, it was a profound experience.”


~ Tara Birchard, The Whole Food Project 

Your Immersive includes:


  • A full day immersed in the tranquility of our beautiful country retreat center
  • Guided processes with the horses
  • Quiet reflective time for journaling/art processes
  • Delicious and healthy catered lunch
  • Customized self-care practices to support your ongoing journey
  • 1-hour follow-up integration call one week following your Immersive


$900 + GST


Why Horses?


You can't hide from a horse



We wear our feelings like a cloak.



Regardless of how well we mask ourselves with a smile to hide our sadness, a façade of calm to hide our anger, or a veneer of confidence to hide our anxiety, our nervous system involuntarily broadcasts our feeling state like sound waves invisibly traveling through the air.  And the horse is like a giant receiver and amplifier for these emotional vibrations.



The horse has developed a highly sophisticated ability to sense emotional energy


As an animal who is naturally preyed upon in the wild, the horse has developed a highly sophisticated ability to sense emotional energy as a means of survival.


Their life is dependent upon their ability to accurately read the intentions of a predator, a herd mate, or the people who share their space.


Therefore, in order for the horse to feel safe in your presence you must align with the truth of how you are feeling.


There is no judgement from a horse


As Dr. Allan Hamilton says in the documentary ‘Playing with Magic’, the horse is like a really good friend who pulls you aside and says “look, I really need to tell you what’s going on here. You may not be aware of it but here’s the emotional energy you’re putting out”.


And with that new found awareness we can begin to see where we are out of alignment, where we are limiting our self, and the infinite potential we have to live our deeper truth.



Where the magic happens: welcome to Wisteria Acres


In a beautiful country setting just outside Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada, situated high on the bluffs overlooking the historic town and the mighty Fraser River, Wisteria Acres welcomes friends and guests to an oasis of peace and tranquility.

The main retreat house sits under a canopy of old growth cedars. Horses graze in lush pastures, and beautiful gardens beckon you into stillness; a place where quiet awareness and inner wisdom are fostered.

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About Me:

Krista Brown, Certified Equine Facilitator, Professional Life Coach & “Lead Mare” at Wisdom of the Horse Coaching

Read my story here: About Krista



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