What Does It Mean to Live a Soul-Inspired Life?





In my work I talk a lot about living a soul-inspired life, so what does that mean exactly?


It means …


Recognizing that you are more than your physical body, more than your personality, your intellect, your ego, and all the conditioned beliefs they hold.




It’s understanding that your purpose here in this life extends far beyond your roles, your relationships, your job or any material wealth you could accumulate.


It’s believing that you are greater than your circumstances, your pain, and your fears.


It’s knowing that you are a Soul experiencing yourself through all of these aspects.



Living a soul-inspired life means committing to holding space for the soft voice within.


Through meditation.


Through connecting with nature.


Through journaling.


Through bringing your awareness into your body and connecting with your heart-space.



Living a soul-inspired life means deeply listening to your innate wisdom.


Noticing what lights you up!


And what weighs you down.


Noticing what is being revealed to you in your day dreams as well as your night dreams.


It’s hearing the messages your body is sending you through feelings, sensations and symptoms.



Living a soul-inspired life means having the courage to follow your inner guidance.


Bravely embracing change.


Reaching for your dreams.


Gently letting go of anything that no longer fulfills you.


It often times means standing poised on the edge of everything that feels comfortable and familiar and courageously following a deeper intuitive nudge to leap into the unknown.


And trusting you will be given wings to fly.


Because after all, you are a part of a greater plan, a higher source, and an infinite wisdom.




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