Growing Your Dreams




This potted plant sat outside on my deck.





















It wasn’t just any potted plant. It was given to me as part of a Spring Equinox ceremony last year.


As each of us received and potted our plant we ceremoniously imbued our hopes and dreams into it and then took it home to watch them grow and blossom.


All summer and into the fall it blossomed and was a constant reminder of my hopes and dreams growing and preparing to blossom as well.


One year later I can already see that my dreams have outgrown their original container and there it lay in pieces on the deck. The plant and my dreams held firmly in place by a growing internal force.


As we grow and step into greater things, the containers that once served us will need to fall away.


Belief systems …


Relationships …


Jobs …


Containers are meant to support our growth as we reach for our dreams. Resist the temptation to stifle your dreams to remain within the confines of an outgrown container.




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