“I feel like I have a purpose but I’m afraid I’m missing it”




There’s an urgency that comes with midlife.


Time suddenly appears more finite.


We can no longer see a span of 40 or 50 years laid out in front of us to figure out what it is we want to do with our life.


And although the building process may have started in our 20’s or 30’s; growing a family and career, acquiring the house, the cars and the many toys, midlife can often arrive with a sudden and unexpected perspective shift.


One that has us pondering deep existential questions like …


“What is the deeper meaning of my life?” 


“Why am I really here?” 


“What’s my purpose?”


In a conversation I had recently with a client she said …


“I feel like I have a purpose but I’m afraid I’m missing it”



And I was reminded of a message I had received from my wise herd of horses earlier that day as I sat out in the field with them in preparation for my client call.


Each of my horses, just like you and I, have come with a purpose.  They hold a natural wisdom and gifts that they each bring to the world, and to our clients who come to partner with them.  And as I watched them peacefully grazing in the field I was reminded of the grace and ease in which the horses live their purpose.  They don’t obsess about what it might be or whether they’re living it.  They don’t question their wisdom or their gifts.  It’s just naturally who they are.


We, too, naturally live our purpose.  It’s innate.  It’s naturally who we are and how we show up in the world.


It’s the natural pull of our passion.


It’s where we feel lit-up and fulfilled.


It’s where we feel purposeful.


You can’t miss it!


Where our work often lies is in identifying and removing everything that obscures our ability to see it and consciously step in to it.


The doubts.


The fears.


The uncertainties.


The seemingly “practical” choices we make that steer us away from our purpose with the promise of stability and security, only to reach midlife and realize that time is running out and your soul is crying out for a deeper sense of purpose.



My purpose is to be a seeker of truth; soul truth.  Mine and yours.  Krista is a certified Equine Guided Facilitator and professional Life & Leadership Coach in Langley, British Columbia, Canada offering online and in-person exploration sessions, 1:1 coaching and retreats. Let’s connect!  We’ll start with a 30 minute free Discovery Call

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