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1. Do I need horse experience? No.  In fact, 95% of our clients do not have any horse experience.  Just a love and reverence for these beautiful animals, and a desire to live a better life.


2. What if I’m afraid of horses? That’s completely natural and we understand, horses are BIG! That is why safety is paramount in all our process work, and all necessary precautions are taken to ensure you feel comfortable and are kept safe at all times. You will not be forced to engage in any processes where you feel unsafe. Our horses are gentle, social and are experienced in working with people.


3. What if I don’t know how to ride? No problem.  We do not offer horseback riding.  Our process work centers around partnering with horses from the ground.


4. What should I wear? Much of our work is done in the great outdoors, so weather will dictate attire.  Long pants are desired.  Sturdy closed-toe boots or shoes are mandatory.


5. Will I be alone with the Horses? You are never left unsupervised with a horse. Depending upon your comfort level, you may choose to work with a horse – –  from across the stall wall or fence – with a horse and facilitator in a contained area – with a horse in a contained area, with the facilitator supervising from outside the fence We recognize that your comfort level determines the benefits you derive from your experience, therefore we make every attempt to ensure you feel comfortable.


6. What type of issues can this work help with? Horses offer  a unique window into the soul, a deeper sense of awareness, and an opportunity to align with our deepest truth.  From this place a greater understanding of our life’s journey can be gained. Horses help to cultivate conscious relationships through teaching effective communication and healthy boundaries. And they can guide you to discover your unique leadership style and support you as you step into your authentic power.


7.  I’ve tried Coaching, Counseling and other modalities before, how is this different?  Partnering with horses is an experiential process that brings us fully into our body and into the present moment.  There is a wealth of innate wisdom available to us when we connect with our body.  What often keeps us stuck in life is focusing on the past through a series of intellectual stories we tell our self, or feeling anxious about the future; thus creating the hamster-wheel effect.  Tuning in to your body in the present moment, feeling its sensations and emotions can reveal new relevant information and a new perspective on a challenging issue.  Add to this, your very own personal alliance and cheerleader guiding you every step of the way toward your vision – we’ll make an unstoppable team!


8.  Do you offer payment plans? Yes, we would be happy to assist you with a payment plan.  We can discuss this during your FREE 30-minute Discovery Session which you can schedule by calling us at 604-807-2255 or emailing us at


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