Don’t Let the Sun Set on Your Dreams




It’s never too late to realize your dreams.


I was 43 years old before I discovered a dream that I hadn’t even been aware my soul was carrying.


A dream that would change my life and grow me in the most unexpected and profound ways.



It changed the way I live.


It changed the way I work.


It changed the way I see and think and believe!


And it changed the way I feel about my place in this world.


When you connect to something so deeply and feel its resonance at the core of your being it’s like being born anew.



To finally know with certainty that this is where you belong and what you were put on this magnificent earth to do is … well, isn’t it what we all long to discover?


It’s where you find meaning and passion, and the opportunity to make an impact in the world.


What people often find so inspiring about my story is realizing that I had no prior experience before stepping into my dream of owning a retreat center, running a farm or raising and working with horses.


I grew up in suburbia.  With dogs, the rare cat  and occasional bird.   I worked in offices (a far cry from a stable).


Until I turned 39.  Enter the horse …


Like many people, I began my love affair with horses as a rider and was immediately transported to a whole new world.  It wasn’t the riding per se, as much as the whole equine experience – the smell of the barn, learning to be in relationship with a 1,000 lbs animal and all it entailed, the connection and camaraderie with fellow horse people, and the way time just seemed to evaporate when immersed in this new world.


At the age of 41 I adopted my very first horse and suddenly my life was on a whole new trajectory!


Two years later at the age of 43 I began my training in the field of Equine Facilitated Learning; a young and growing field where horses are honoured as teacher and guide, in partnership with people on the healing and transformational path.  To learn more [click here]


One year following we bought a farm and to spite the steep learning curve at times, it was always steeped in passion and purpose.   Another year on, at the age of 45, our retreat center opened and our herd grew to four.  Check out our beautiful retreat center [here]


That was seven years ago and I am still in awe of this life I have created.  A life I could not have foreseen.  And only through my willingness to follow the nudges of my soul was I guided step by divinely guided step into this awakened dream .


Psst! Here’s a peek into my awakened dream [click to watch video]


My invitation to you …


Find time for your passions, follow those intuitive nudges and hold space for the unfolding of your soul’s dream.


It’s never too late.  Dreams don’t come with an expiry date.


Midlife is often a time when we are guided to turn our attention inward and ask those deep existential questions …


What is it you desire to be and do with this chapter of your life?


Where can you find deep meaning?


What will bring you ever greater fulfillment?


Your soul is seeking its own evolution through cultivating and living your deepest desires.  It will grow you and fulfill you in ways you can’t yet imagine from where you stand now.


Trust me.


Trust in your dreams.


It’s time.



If my story has inspired you and you would like support exploring how you, too, can step into living your dream, let’s chat!  Krista is a certified Equine Guided Facilitator and professional Life & Leadership Coach living in Langley, British Columbia, Canada offering online and in-person exploration sessions, 1:1 coaching and retreats. Let’s connect!  We’ll start with a 30 minute free Discovery Call

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  1. Dr. Jayne Gibson on August 9, 2017 at 9:30 am

    Krista, your story is absolutely inspiring. Isn’t it amazing how making one change in your life, and following the call of your heart, can set you on a profound journey of fulfillment? What I like most about your story is that you were “willing” to grow and move forward. I can almost see you shrugging your shoulders and saying “let’s try this and see what happens”. It’s never too late to shrug your shoulders and it’s never too late to take that one first step. Thank you so much for sharing.

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