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Midlife is a crusader of truth.


Your truth.  The truth you came here to live.


But its arrival can sometimes leave you feeling disoriented.


How does it fit into your current life?


Where do you start?


What will it even look like?


It can all feel rather overwhelming.


But beneath the turbulent surface is an ever-present source of peace that holds all the answers, wisdom and clarity that you need to fully step into, and live, your truth.


Our Clarity Packages will guide you to the source of your own wisdom to gain the clarity you need to move forward on your midlife journey.


The midlife journey is about aligning your outer world with your inner truth.

You bring such heart to all that you do


“I love the way that you hold space for me wherever I’m at, and help me to reframe things when I start to get off track. You bring such heart to all that you do, that I feel you provide a safe container for me to go deep into emotional blocks and explore new territory.  I have deep gratitude for all that you have done to facilitate me fully exploring my vision. You are gifted at what you do, and anyone who works with you will be very blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


~ Denise Cunningham, Vancouver, BC

Choose from our Online Clarity package or In-person Horse Wisdom package:



Online Clarity Package -

In the comfort of your own home, grab a cup of tea, settle in to your favourite chair .....and don't forget to turn off all distractions!  This is your time.  Taking in a few deep breaths .....and out ...letting the outside world drift away as we settle in for a most enlightened conversation with the source of your own wisdom.



  • Six 1-hour bi-weekly clarity calls
  • Unlimited email support between call


$750 + GST




In-person Horse Wisdom Package - 

Imagine treating yourself to a mini-retreat where the stress and distractions of the city are replaced with the peaceful, grounding presence of Mother Nature at our beautiful country retreat center. Feel yourself surrounded and supported by the natural world.  Join our herd of horses in their natural setting and feel your body and mind begin to slow and find its natural rhythm.  We call this space “horse time”.  Where the pressures and demands of linear time fade and your awareness deepens into the present moment and begin to see deeper aspects of yourself and your connection to the whole as mirrored back to you from the eyes of a horse.




  • Two 2-hour horse wisdom sessions
  • One 1-hour phone session to integrate the teachings from the herd
  • Unlimited email support between sessions


$750 + GST

Each time I come to visit you and the herd, it gets better

Each time I come to visit you and the herd, it gets better.

Your calm energy and the safe space you created for me naturally provided the opportunity for me to open up and share. This is your gift and I thank you for sharing this gift with me and helping me through my healing and spiritual development process.

As I stepped outside the paddock, after being so wonderfully welcomed and nurtured by Cassi and playfully nuzzled by Romeo, I felt lifted. The experience felt like a full mind, spirit and body massage and every tension in my muscles were literally gone.

This morning I woke up feeling refreshed and renewed - it was a much needed reset to all the buzz and busy-ness of day to day city life and a recharge for my soul.

I am so grateful to know you and have you in my life as a guide.  Please give my love again to Cassi and Romeo for so beautifully showing me that I am on the right track and all that matters the most in life - nurturing love and the art of being present.  My sincere thanks and gratitude,.

– Goli Khalafi, Vancouver

As Dr. Allan Hamilton says in the documentary ‘Playing with Magic’, the horse is like a really good friend who pulls you aside and says “look, I really need to tell you what’s going on here. You may not be aware of it but here’s the emotional energy you’re putting out”.


And with that new found awareness we can begin to see where we are out of alignment, where we are limiting our self, and the infinite potential we have to live our deeper truth.


Why Horses?

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About Me:

Krista Brown, Certified Equine Facilitator, Professional Life Coach & “Lead Mare” at Wisdom of the Horse Coaching

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