Awakening Session

Discover and Give Voice to Your Deepest Truth


Midlife has a way of rousing us from our slumber with deep existential questions like ...


Why am I here?


What is the deeper meaning of my life?  What is my purpose?  Is this really all there is?


A sense of unease, even apathy arises to spite your outward success, and an internal restlessness drives an inexplicable desire for change.


Something deeper is seeking expression.


Midlife provides an opening; an invitation to awaken to your deepest truth and the full expression of who you are.


Entering this phase consciously with a willingness to deepen self-awareness will offer clarity and confidence to embrace the journey ahead.

A deep dive into what is awakening within and give voice to your deepest truth.



  • One 90-minute online exploration session
  • Follow-up email support


$190  + GST




In touch with my Higher Self

My 90 minute deep dive with Krista got me out of my head and in touch with my higher self. During our session, I discovered that I was being weighed down by an old idea of who I was. Once I dropped that idea, it opened up possibilities that I hadn’t considered before – resolving an issue that I had been wrestling with for months. Thanks, Krista!

– Patty K, Business Coach at


About Me:

Krista Brown, Certified Equine Facilitator, Professional Life Coach & “Lead Mare” at Wisdom of the Horse Coaching

Read my story here: About Krista


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