Challenges are Mere Course Correctors



coursecorrection3What would it look like if you were completely open and receptive to the natural flow of your life?


It’s easy to do when everything is flowing in the “right” direction, but think about a challenge you have faced, or perhaps are facing.


Without judging it as right or wrong, good or bad.


Without taking it personally.


Without trying to change it or control it.


What would happen if you were to just accept it as a natural part of your journey?


To see it as nothing more than a “course corrector” to nudge you back into true alignment.


Life is full of twists and turns. Things don’t always work out as planned. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed.


Can you allow yourself to let go of the judgement?


The fear.


The frustration.


The anger.


The grief.


Which only serve to contract you energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically.


What if you were able to re-frame the situation to see it, not as something negative, but as a nudge from the Universe that you’re ready to step into something new.


How would you feel then?






Maybe even a little excited.


Sit with those feelings. Let them really sink in to your being.


Feel the lightness and expansiveness that comes with allowing yourself to open up to the infinite possibilities that await you.


And remember, we always have the choice to empower ourselves with our thoughts …or not.



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