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As You Evolve You Will Make a Lot of People Uncomfortable ….Evolve Anyway

Aug 16, 2016

    Most of us dislike change.   It’s uncomfortable.   It’s disruptive.   And it’s inconvenient.   Whether you’re the one navigating it or simply feeling the ripple effects of another’s evolutionary process, it challenges the status quo all around. It shakes up relationship dynamics.   Evolve anyway.   I knew at the beginning…

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What Women Want

Aug 3, 2016

  In my six years of running women’s retreats one thing stands out for me above all else. Connection.   Women seek connection.   Women need to feel heard and seen; deeply seen for who they are, and to feel understood and supported in their process.   It is within the inherent safety of community where we…

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Meet the Herd – Cricket

Jul 12, 2016

Next in our Meet the Herd series is Commands Lil’ Cricket, or simply Cricket, as she is known around the barn. Our Wise Sage CRICKET is a 15-year old black Quarter Horse mare. Cricket joined us in early 2011 but her resume boasts a much longer career as an esteemed equine guide. I first met…

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Meet the Herd – Romeo

Jul 12, 2016

I thought it would be fun to introduce you to our very special equine team.  As you will come to learn, each member of our herd is as unique as the people they work with and brings forth different gifts to our programs.   Let us begin with Romeo… O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo…

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