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Soul Gifts

Feb 15, 2017

                        What are they?   Often they’re gifts disguised in challenges; gifts of growth and empowerment.   To fully appreciate the “gift”, one must first recognize the differences between the ego and the soul.   The ego would be remiss to consider any challenge…

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Carrying the Weight of World Events

Feb 1, 2017

        It’s hard to escape the buzz of controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s first days in office.   Emotions and energy the world over are running high. Tensions are boiling over and fear-mongers are quick to offer up their fatalistic predictions.   But it’s important to remember that we always have a choice…

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If You Could Only Imagine!

Jan 29, 2017

    If someone had have told me 8, 9, 10 years ago that I would be living on a farm, sharing my life with horses and running a retreat center guiding people along their life’s journey through the gentle wisdom of the horse, I could not have fathomed it.   For starters, I didn’t…

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The Space In-between

Jan 13, 2017

    The pause.   The semi-colon.   The space in-between stories; old and new.   If you’ve ever experienced a major life transition you’re familiar with this space in-between.   A space that can feel dark and uncertain, and frighteningly empty.   Yet it is sacred and full of possibility.   It’s the space…

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Expanding Into the New Year

Jan 4, 2017

  And just like that the dust has settled on another year and we find ourselves standing at the threshold of new beginnings.  A time ripe with the promise of new adventures and opportunities.   More than any other time of the year we seem to understand and embrace the fact that we are powerful…

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Pulling Back the Veil

Nov 12, 2016

    Something horses do so well and with such purity is reflect back to us the fullness of who we are.   Our fears. Our courage. Our sadness. Our joy. Our pain. Our strength. Our confusion. Our clarity.   Horses skillfully mirror our incongruence; the beliefs that are holding us back from realizing our…

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The Energy of Letting Go

Oct 29, 2016

    As I watch the leaves on the trees that surround us turn to hues of golden yellow and deep burnt orange, and then gently fall to their final resting place on the ground below I’m reminded that Autumn holds the energy of ‘letting go’.   A beautiful reminder that all things have their…

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I’m Not Screwing Around

Oct 18, 2016

    ”I think midlife is when the universe gently places her hands upon your shoulders, pulls you close, and whispers in your ear: I’m not screwing around. It’s time.”   I love this quote by Brene Brown.   Midlife is a potent time.  A time of awakening …ready or not.   Deeper questions begin…

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Lessons from Shiva – My Experience with the Equine God of Destruction

Sep 1, 2016

I recently returned from a wonderful few days of  R & R at a friend’s guest ranch in the Okanagan.   Running my own retreat center as well as my equine assisted coaching practice, and tending to my herd multiple times per day 365 days a year, warrants a break now and again; a few…

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