The Ability to See Beyond




The ability to see beyond the mind is the purest path we can travel to empower our self and others.


The ability to expand our consciousness to that of a much higher perspective.





Expanded consciousness is understanding who and what we are at our deepest most fundamental level; at our core.


Our soul self.


Beyond the physical.


Beyond the incarnate personality.


Beyond the roles we assume as sister, mother, daughter, partner, friend.


It’s recognizing the divine spark within.


Expanded consciousness is seeing others in this light as well and understanding that we are all in service to one another. Always and in all ways.


It’s seeing beyond the ‘mask’ of another to their deeper soul essence.


It’s seeing beyond the actions of another to recognize a deeper desire for balance.


It’s becoming curious and recognizing the beauty in our shared soul journey.


Expanded consciousness is recognizing that we live in a benevolent Universe and that there is a greater intelligence that moves us all.


It’s understanding that we fulfill a deeper purpose in this life. Right now. Just as you are.


It’s honouring our self as the powerful co-creators that we are of our own life experience.


And it’s celebrating our divine purpose as uniquely coloured threads woven into the larger tapestry of life.




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