Midlife is a Time of Reckoning

reck·on·ing — ˈrek(ə)niNG/  (noun) -  the moment of truth

Empowering Women through Midlife Awakenings


Midlife is a potent time.  A time of reckoning.  A time of awakening (ready or not) to your deepest truth.


It's a time when we naturally and intuitively begin to take a deeper look at our lives.


Why am I here?


What is the deeper meaning of my life?


Do I have a purpose?  What is it?  And more importantly, am I living it?


I was 43 years old before I awakened to a dream that I hadn't even been aware my soul was carrying.  A dream that would radically change my life and grow me in the most unexpected and profound ways.


YOU are a woman between the age of 40 and 60 years.  You are courageous, creative and resourceful, and are tired of feeling stuck in a life that no longer grows you and serves you in meaningful ways.  You embrace your spiritual side, have a curious and open mind, and feel driven by the deeper calling your soul to discover and create a life of passion, purpose and deep meaning.


You recognize there will be challenges to navigate and changes to grow into but you are committed to taking bold action to create your soul-inspired life!


What is it your soul is seeking to expand and evolve into to?


Where are you feeling most challenged in your life right now?


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We offer spaces online or in-person, customized 1-on-1 sessions, or private and group retreats.

Come and experience the energy of the horses for yourself or let their wisdom awaken your truth through the expert facilitation of your Coach.

1:1 Coaching

Every woman's journey is as unique as she is.

Our coaching packages can be fully customized, online or in-person, to offer you the best support option along your midlife journey.


Spend a day, a weekend or a week with us immersed in the wisdom of the horse.

Enjoy a fully customized private retreat or join us for one of our group programs.

Why Horses?

Horses have developed a highly sophisticated ability to sense emotional energy (as a means of survival).  In partnership with the horse we are invited into a space of  truth and possibility as we align more deeply with our own authentic spirit.


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